XML Team serves clients with sizes across the spectrum: from giant internet behemoths, to one-man-show blogs and games. We do so not by charging wildly different prices for the same services. Instead, we differentiate among the number of leagues licensed and content sources selected, the depth and frequency of coverage for those leagues, and the method of delivery. By and large, the more leagues a client licenses content for, the less per-league that client pays.

How clients put the data to use rarely factors in to our pricing. If we're delivering you an XML feed with NFL coverage, you're welcome to put that feed to use online and in print, on conventional web pages as well as mobile applications. Should you wish to roll out the content under multiple brands or in different international markets, we scale our prices per-rollout in a reasonable and formula-based manner.

Licensing for Delivered Feed content is divided into packages, and below are some examples of common packages licensed by our clients:

  • Full Feed with Live Updates, all leagues, Big 6, or Big 4. Includes the works, including live scores throughout the game.
  • Full Feed with Post-Game Only, all leagues, Big 6, or Big 4. Does not include live scoring updates.
  • Wagering Basics. Live scores, updated odds, schedules, lineups (NBA & MLB) & probable starters (MLB).
  • Full Feed, one league, Live or Post-Game Only. Everything we have, for the one league (i.e., MLB or NFL).
  • Starter Set: Schedules, rosters, post-game box scores.
  • All box scores, one league: Every postgame box score (which contains detailed player stats) for one particular league (i.e., MLB or NFL)
  • All box scores, one team: Every postgame box score for one particular team (i.e., New York Mets or Green Bay Packers)
  • Custom Packages: Tailored for your needs, mixing any of the above.

"Big 4" includes NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL
"Big 6" adds NCAA Football & Basketball (Division 1).

An inventory of content packages can be found in our Content Showcase.

Contact us for a precise quote for your situation.