Rights & Responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • Republish purchased content within the publication(s) listed on your application, whether it be online, in print, over the airwaves, etc.
  • Custom-store and custom-display the content within your own databases, formats, styles, and levels of interactivity
  • Archive purchased content, and make that content available to your users, as long as your SODA membership information is kept current
  • Pay only for accurate data, and receive free corrections or Credit reinstatements for any data that is otherwise. (Time limitations apply here.)
  • Use photos for editorial purposes only.

You are responsible for:

  • Making Fair Use of the content by maintaining its editorial integrity, publishing only what you have paid for, and not resyndicating the content.
  • Displaying a notification of attribution alongside all renditions of the content, as well as a general notification of restrictions of its use.
  • Displaying our photo credit alongside any and every photo.
  • Submitting for approval any desired changes in your use of the data that may differ from your original SODA membership application.
  • Keeping confidential your login, as well as all details of SODA available only to SODA Members.